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•What types of payment are accepted for the machines?

All machines are coin operated and accept quarters only.

•What if I don’t have any quarters?

That’s ok! We keep plenty of quarters available on site! Forgot your cash? That's ok too - we have an ATM!

•What types of payment do you accept for the Wash & Fold services?

Cash, Credit/Debit, Mobile/Tap Pay


•Do I have to weigh my laundry before I drop it off?

We will weigh it for you!


•Do I pay for my laundry before I drop it off?

You can opt to pay at drop-off or when you pick up your items.


•Do I need to sort my laundry before dropping it off?

No, this isn’t necessary.  We will sort through it to remove any oversized or specialty items while you are there as this may impact costs.  But you don’t need to worry about separating lights/darks/reds – we’ll do that for you!

•Do you Hand-wash ITEMS?

We can and will hand-wash your items.  If while sorting your laundry we notice an item requires hand-washing this will be done for you.  Please note that there is an additional charge for hand-washing!

•Do you AIR Dry ITEMs?

If you have items that you wish to be air-dried or dried flat, or if the tag specifies that is required we will do that for you.  There may be an additional cost.

•Do I need to bring my own hangers?

It is recommended that you supply your own hangers.  In the event that you are unable to do so we do charge a fee of $0.20 per hanger.   The exception to this is for iron/press orders, where we do not charge for the hangers but will issue you a discount on your order if you provide your own.

•some (or all) of my items have personal stains on them?

If your items have stains of a personal nature (blood, feces, urine, vomit, other bodily fluids or hazards we will wash them but same day service is not available. In addition, there will be an extra charge for these hazards of either $0.50/lb. or $3 per comforter, etc.  We request that you separate those items from your standard laundry to reduce that surcharge to you.  In the event you fail to notify us of these stains you will be charged a premium of $5.00 per pound for your total laundry order.

•Do you offer pick-up & delivery services?

We do not offer these services currently.


•Can I leave my items in the machines and go home or go out to eat?

Leaving your items in the machines is at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any items left in the self-service area.  In addition, we do ask that you stay on site as someone else may be waiting to use the machines.  If this takes place your items will be moved to the lost & found area in whatever state you left them.  Please see the Lost & Found page for more details.

•Are you pet friendly?

We are delighted to be a pet-friendly location! To ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all our customers and their furry friends, please adhere to the following guidelines:

 **Leashes Required**: All pets must be on a leash at all times.

Supervision**: Pets must be accompanied by their owners at all times.**

**Behavior**: If your pet creates a mess or exhibits aggressive behavior towards others (human or animal), you will be asked to remove the animal from the premises.

 **Safety**: Please do not leave your pet in your vehicle, especially in hot weather, as this can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.

Thank you for helping us maintain a safe and welcoming environment for everyone!

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